Mediscreen is a Wellness Screening Tool focused on COVID-19 recovery efforts.

Mediscreen is a one-way video screening platform which uses video technology and AI to interview people faster so doctors can prescreen patients for Covid-19 and address at-risk patients more efficiently.

Mediscreen was developed to get employees back to work by building confidence that they will be safe.

A virtual triage powered by AI assists physicians in determining an employee's ability to return to work faster and safer than traditional tele-medicine or office visits.

Heartfelt Projects, in collaboration with Mediscreen, a world renowned technology company powered by Artificial Intelligence, is introducing streamlined COVID-19 pre-screening services. Mediscreen is helping doctors diagnose COVID-19 remotely and, now, helping America get back to work.

How does it work?

  • A remote one-way video pre-screening service for anyone over 18 years old

  • A multi-tiered approach to getting employees back to work, including a pre-screening tool, temperature evaluation, review by a doctor and access to testing

What is Required?

  • A smart phone or computer

  • An internet connection

  • A thermometer (ideal, but not mandatory)

What are the Benefits?

  • Is not limited by "Business hours"

  • Can screen thousands of people at one time

  • Can be done from any location

  • Is a virtual "waiting room"

  • Is easy to use

  • Automatically creates a list of employees who are well and can return to work

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